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Remote Clinic

This year, the experts of our hospital in Taiwan could not come to Xiamen as scheduled due to the epidemic situation. Considering the continuity of medical treatment for patients, based on the "patient-centered” service concept, the senior experts from Taiwan work with local doctors to establish a remote clinic and continue to protect the health of the people. Let's get to the bottom of this.

Tips for Taiwan experts' remote consultation:

1. You can make an appointment through the Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital’s WeChat official account, web registration, telephone reservation, etc. An online registration appointment is currently available (a 28-day appointment can be made in advance).

2. The remote consultation fee of Taiwan experts will be charged at your own expense. (The rest is the same as that of general outpatient service).

3. Please bring your valid ID card, medical insurance card or citizen health card, medical records or other auxiliary examination reports for medical treatment.

Tips for Taiwan experts' remote consultation:

1. Target People: Individual patients with special medical need

2. Service Department: All departments

3. Consultation Fee: Self-paid. Please call us for details

4. Consultation Process: Patients shall register the need for consultation, and pay 200 yuan as the consultation intention fee (200 yuan will be refunded 2 days before consultation in case of cancellation, and will be offset in case of consultation as scheduled)——determine consultation time——conduct remote consultation.