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Characteristics of Hospital

Attending in Charge
  That is to say, once a patient admits to the hospital, a series of processes such as outpatient, surgery, hospitalization and follow-up visit are all in charge of by an attending doctor from the beginning to the end, so as to facilitate the doctors to better serve the patients.
Characteristics of Cashier
  ◎The outpatient counter is open-ended without handrail and glass barrier, so as to facilitate face-to-face communication with the patients.
◎  The counter service is indicated by LED lights. The service personnel have all received professional training, who can flexibly change the service content according to the needs on the site, so as to avoid the patients from waiting for a long time.
◎ Patients having difficulty in moving can borrow a wheelchair at the entrance to the outpatient hall, and pay fees and be admitted at a special counter.
Characteristics of Ward
  ◎ The ward is divided into single room, double room and triple room. The patients and their families can register according to their personal needs.
◎ All beds are electrically powered and patients can adjust the angle of sitting and lying to increase comfort. The movable table board on the bed is available for the patient to eat and write.
◎ In order to maintain the ward’s peace and reduce the patient's infection, only one family member can be allowed to accompany the patient. The hospital provides each family member with a guest bed for both sitting and lying. 
◎ Emergency call bell is provided on the bedside of the ward, on the wall of the ward and on the wall of the toilet, and the patients can directly press the call bell in case of requiring the assistance of medical staff. 
◎ The ward is equipped with a mobile drip rack and a wheelchair, which is mainly provided to the patients for examination or treatment, and if necessary, they can borrow it from the nursing staff and return it after use.
◎ Each bed is equipped with a special lockable wardrobe that is provided to the family members for use at the time of admission.
◎ Each ward is equipped with a bathroom, which is designed by a barrier free space method and can be accessed by the wheelchair. Twenty-four hours of hot and cold water are available to the patients and their families. 
◎ In order to regulate your nutrition during hospitalization, the hospital provides professional and caring services to meet your nutritional needs.
◎ All the inpatients shall wear their patient's clothes that can be changed at any time if necessary. All the clothes they wear are cleaned and disinfected by the laundry department. The accompanying family members can wash clothes in the laundry room attached to the ward, where there is a coin washing machine with 3 Yuan/bucket each time.
◎ The hospital’s diet preparation room is equipped with a water dispenser and an ice machine for you.
◎ There are health education leaflets for various diseases in the ward, such as chemotherapy side effects, diabetes diet options, etc. The nursing staff will proactively provide the health education leaflets according to the diagnosis of patients, and the patients may request them from the nursing staff if they have other disease-related health education needs.
Characteristics of Pharmacy
  ◎Each pharmacist has a special dispensing desk, which is set up for the dispensing of oral drugs and water drugs, external drugs and injection drugs.
◎ Special paper medicine bags are used to contain the drugs, one for each. The name, specifications, usage and dosage, clinical use, precautions, side effects and appearance description of the drugs are attached to the medicine bags, so that the patients can have a clear understanding of the drugs used, so as to improve the drug safety.
◎ Preparation of material level number for pairs of drugs; Clearly marked and separated storage to ensure correct allocation.
◎Increase the preposition pharmacist check; Each patient's medicine and prescription are reviewed by at least two pharmacists.
◎ Double identification of the patient's identity during the administration of the drug; Confirm the identity of the recipient.
Characteristics of Clinical Laboratory
  ◎ The hospital is equipped with automatic blood, urine, biochemistry, immunization, blood culture and bacterial culture analyzers, which are used in coordination with manual and artificial microscopic examination items.
◎A well-established laboratory quality management system is established, and standardized professional training is performed on the operators.
◎ The hospital has HIS and LIS systems, which can greatly improve the sample turnaround speed and reduce the error probability in combination with bar code operation.
 Introduction of Clinical Laboratory Equipment
  ◎ Full Automatic Blood Flow Line Analysis System-XE-Alpha System.
◎ Urine Routine Analyzer Bayer CLINITEK500 and Full Automatic Urinary Sediment Analyzer UF-1000i.
◎ Full Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Bayer ADVIA 1650.
◎ Full Automatic Immunoassay Analyzer Bayer ADVIA Centaur.
◎ Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer.
◎ Coagulation Analysis System-CA1500.
◎ Full Automatic Glycosylated Hemoglobin Analyzer.
◎ Full Automatic Blood Culture System.
◎ Full Automatic Bacteria Identification/Drug Sensitivity System.
Introduction of Equipment in Radiology Department
  ◎ Digital Radiography
◎ Portable Digital Radiography
◎ Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy
◎ Digital Mammography (FFDM)
◎ Dual- Energy Bone Mineral Density(DEXA)
◎ Multislice CT(128Slice)
◎ 1 5T MRI
◎ 3.0T MRI

Introduction of Equipment in Radiotherapy
  ◎ Medical Linear Accelerator
◎ Big Bore Simulation CT
◎ Treatment Planning System (TPS)
◎ Radiotherapy Information Management System(RTIMS)