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Introduction to Hospital

Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital, founded in May 2008, is a comprehensive 3A-grade hospital, and set up by Mr. Wang Yongqing, the founder of Formosa Plastic Group to feed back to the Mainland, with the integration of medical treatment, health care, keeping fit and scientific research. The hospital is located in Maluan New Town, the sub center of Xiamen City and the planning area of Xiamen Subway Line 2, the South Bank of beautiful Maluan Bay and the north of Xinyang Industrial Zone. It covers an area of 32.6 hectares and a construction area of about 238000 square meters. There are a total of 2000 beds as planned. The hospital is a designated hospital for medical insurance, workers' injury and physical examination of civil servants, which serves Fuzhou, Putian, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Longyan, Sanming and Guangdong except for Xiamen, so as to further improve the convenience of medical treatment for the people.

Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital has equipped with complete medical departments, including 37 clinical departments and medical laboratories, such as internal medicine system, surgery system, gynecology, pediatrics, otolaryngology, stomatology, dermatology, laboratory, pathology and imaging. The hospital focuses on developing characteristic medical projects, such as cutting-edge minimally invasive cochlear implants with small incision, cleft lip and palate, microtia reconstruction, medical aesthetic plastic surgery, osteoarticular reconstruction, cardiac interventional therapy, hepatobiliary radiofrequency ablation, etc., establishing multiple integrated medical centers, such as Craniofacial Center, Electronic Ear Center, Medical Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center, Hepatobiliary Center, Women's Medical Center, Children's Center, etc., and setting up proton therapy consultation and referral clinics in Taiwan.

Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital is the designated surgical hospital for the rehabilitation and salvation [Colorful Dream Action Plan] and [Hearing Reconstruction and Establishment Action] of deaf children in China; it has the qualification of three-level midwifery institution; it is the teaching hospital of Beijing Tsinghua University, Fujian Medical University, Xiamen University and Xiamen Medical College; it is the designated hospital of the guiding platform of the Academician Yu Jinming and the Academician Fan Daiming; it is the "Stroke Center" designated by the Chinese Stroke Center Alliance (CSCA); it currently sets up 7 standardized training bases for residents in the Internal Medicine Department, Surgery Department, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Pediatrics Department, Stomatology Department, Otolaryngology Department and Emergency Department.

The hospital is equipped with advanced medical equipment, including a lot of high-grade, precision and advanced instruments such as PET/CT,1550/1927 system fractional laser,  RapidARC, VARIAN CLINACIX linear accelerator, 1.5T and 3.0T MRI, DSA, 64 slice spiral CT, CT color Doppler ultrasonic system, etc., reaching the advanced level and providing a strong guarantee for high-quality medical services.

The hospital always adheres to the service tenet of "patient-centered", implements the mode of "separating the operation of hospital from the medical treatment of doctors”,  establishes a division management system, sets up special operation assistants, and adopts the medical treatment with administrative assistance and the attending in charge to realize the complete information operation; carries out humanistic systems such as "pay after consulting", "no deposit", "no red envelope", "drug delivery in small bag", "one drug with one bag for medication safety"; cooperates with medical elites from Taiwan and mainland,  and provides high-quality medical services to the public through the primary nursing system.

As a model of hospital operation with social capital, Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital insists on the spirit of "diligence, simplicity, perfection, sustainable operation and dedication to the society", continuously improves the level of excellent medical technology, cultivates excellent medical talents for Taiwan and mainland, builds a first-class cross-strait exchange platform for medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, nursing and management.